Are you a California driver in Nevada?


Watch out while driving!

Las Vegas driving crimes ONE OF THREE


So-called California stops are illegal here.  At stop signs and red lights, you are to come to a complete stop, not roll slowly and then take off again.  Why, you may ask, should "I" come to a complete stop if there is no traffic or "I" have the right of way anyway?  Well, our law makers were tired of pedestrians and bicyclists getting run over at crosswalks.  Remember, even if there is no marked cross walk, there is still an implied one.  In high pedestrian areas, like the Strip where there are tired or intoxicated walkers, it is especially important for drivers to heed this rule.


If you do not believe this, take the Nevada drivers exam and violate this driving law and see if you get demerits for it.  Or, drive like this while a police officer is watching.  


Speaking of cops and stopping...


Yielding to emergency vechicles means pulling over to the right when a cop is flashing lights and/or sirens behind you.  You must pull over to the right shoulder of the road, never pull over to the left or you will get a hefty, hefty fine and be accused of failing to yield to an emergency vehicle or even evading a lawful traffic stop.  


You may not get busted every time, but when you do, a traffic ticket attorney may be able to help you out for $50 or $100.

Anthony M. Wright, Esq.

Attorney Anthony Wright has helped thousands of clients with traffic tickets over a decade in nine different courts in Clark County. Many clients were from out-of-state or recently moved to Nevada and unaware of the different laws or the serious enforcement of certain laws.


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