Are you a California driver in Nevada?


Watch out while driving!

Las Vegas driving crimes TWO OF THREE


California is not Nevada--different laws.  Don't drive here like you do there or you will cause accidents.  Most accidents in Las Vegas are probably due to California driving.


For instance, drivers in the far left lane of a freeway who go the speed limit are not impeding traffic, they are setting the pace of traffic at the speed limit and anyone tailgating them could get a traffic ticket.  You are not permitted to drive as fast as you want in the far left lane.  


Calfiornia may be different, but in Nevada, the speed limit is enforced for various reasons, including the way our roads are built, the fact that there are many impaired drivers (sleep deprived or on drugs or alcohol), the fact that there are many drivers from all over the world, and the fact that it is actually a very small city. Las Vegas is a small city, if you drive the speed limit you'll get where you are going pretty fast.  Accidents caused by bad drivers, of course, create the exceptions.


Following the driving laws of the State you are in is common courtesy.  If you follow the law, other drivers will know what to expect.


Getting a traffic ticket is a costly lesson, however, if you do get one, a speeding ticket lawyer can help for a small fee.


Anthony M. Wright, Esq.

Attorney Anthony Wright has helped thousands of clients with traffic tickets over a decade in nine different courts in Clark County. Many clients were from out-of-state or recently moved to Nevada and unaware of the different laws or the serious enforcement of certain laws.


Call him if you get a ticket.

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