History in Our Logo

The TWLO Logo was thousands of years in the making.  It is based on the history of law itself.

The history of law contained in our TWLO logo.  TWLO stands for The Wright Law Offices
Short History of Law

Here are the twelve historical concepts tied together in a logo imbued with meaning.  Our desire is to leave a lasting impression, give others something to think about, and to consider:

1. Life 🗝 ⚡️
2. Death 🎄✝️
3. Time ⏱⏳
4. Conflict 🗡🛡
5. Justice ⚖️
6. Judgment ✝️
7. Winning W🔦⚫️
8. Losing L🖤⚫️
9. Total Order T🖋O
10. Law ⚫️⚪️🔘
11. Success 🗝
12. The Wright Law Offices TWLO

A Way to Memorize our Phone Number

Our phone number uses the newer area code for Clark County, Nevada.  We spent many hours seeking a phone number that would fit our website and be memorable to our clients who still value memorizing important numbers.


 The video below helps explain the phone number in a way that will help you not forget it or who we are.

The First Letter of each word of the following corresponds, in order, to each digit of our telephone number.  Just remember this phrase:

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