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From time to time an attorney will think, I sure wish people knew this or that.  A lot of people also want to know what they should do in certain instances.  Rather than just simply telling our clients, "You need a lawyer" we strive to give some practical advice which can help you and whatever lawyer you do hire. These articles cover topics on how to vote or run for judges, how to gather evidence for your case, and more.

Want to be a judge? 3 things you should be first.


If you want to run for judge, consider the three qualities of good judges. 


Many candidates who run for judge do so for the wrong reasons, such as status, money, retirment, power, or other perks of public office. Of these many, some who actually become judges end up stressed out, acting out against the parties and lawyers before them, and getting embarassed in the media.


These three qualities are important for long, happy, and successful career as a judge.



What do I do when dealing with a dispute on the phone?  Three easy steps.
Whether dealing with debt collectors, lenders, insurance companies, car mechanics, or businesses of all sorts on the phone because you have a dispute regarding a bill or a job done, these three steps are critical to your chances for eventual success and avoid being ripped off.
California Drivers get in trouble in Nevada for 3 minor crimes easy to avoid

There are three driving crimes that California drivers get in trouble for in Nevada.  Also, these driving mistakes can prevent a driver from passing the Nevada driving exam.  You may think its stupid and you may disagree with these three things, but take your traffic ticket to a Nevada native and traffic lawyer.


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