Why a free divorce consultation is not free.

Call divorce lawyers, set up appointments, go meet with them. Some will be very personable. Some will make you feel good about your case. This is what they want you to feel during a free consultation because they want you to sign up for their service, which can costs thousands more than you want to spend. Chances are that the "free" consultation is just a way for the lawyer to determine how much wealth you have that he or she can "earn" for themselves.

Many times, just to meet with the "free" lawyer, you will be filling out an application in the lobby that may be titled "client intake sheet" or something similar. If it is a short one or two page form, thats one thing, but if it gets into several minutes of writing, it may seem more like the lawyer is already hooking you into hiring them because you are investing your time at their office. Certainly you won't want to go visit other lawyers and have to keep filling out such forms. Let it be known, not all lawyers do this. If the lawyer can't take a a few notes during the consultation itself, maybe find one who will.

If, however, you pay for a consultation, you won’t be wanting the emotional experience, you’ll want real answers to your questions and you’ll want a full hour of the attorney’s time without strings attached. You won’t want the high pressure tactics. You want your lawyer to be persuasive to a court against your adversaries, not to sell you on their services.

A good lawyer will care more about your case and about you than about how deep your pockets are. Attorneys who charge for consultations many times have happier clients who actually do retain the attorneys at some point. Certainly, they get referrals.

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