Multiple types of child custody in Nevada

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

You can learn more in our child custody section on our website. Briefly, there are two main categories of child custody that have to be addressed in all child custody court actions, and subcategories as follows:

Legal Custody

Legal custody is the decision-making power of a parent. There are two subcategories:

1. Joint legal custody which means both parents share in the decision making for school, medical, and other important matters. It also means that both parents would have access to records to help decide. What is joint legal custody?

2. Sole legal custody which means one parent has all of the decision making power for some reason, perhaps abandonment of the other parent, death of the other parent, or incarceration of the other parent. For more on What is sole legal custody?

Physical Custody

Physical custody is the actual time each parent spends with the child. Nevada assumes that the parents will have joint physical custody, which is a near equal time share. However, there are several others including:

1. Sole physical custody: one parent has all of the time. For more on What is sole physical custody?

2. Primary physical custody: one parent has the child most of the time and the other parent has visitation. For more on What is primary physical custody?

3. Shared physical custody: both parents are so entangled in their children's lives that it is impossible to delineate who spends more time (i.e. everyone lives together). For more on What is shared physical custody?

4. Split physical custody: in the event of multiple children, the parents may have primary of some and joint of others. For more on What is split physical custody?

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