Sole Legal Custody does not mean you can relocate with the child without consent

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Sole Legal Custody in Nevada means that one parent has all the decision making authority for education, medical, and religious upbringing. It does not mean that the parent has the decision making power to move the child out of State or even too far a distance within the State. If a parent with sole legal custody does wish to take the child to another place far away, than that parent is required to first attempt to get permission from the other parent. It is recommended that if there is an existing family law case that the permission be done as a Stipulation and Order into that case.

If the noncustodial parent disagrees with the relocation, that parent better have good reasons because the custodial parent has the right to take the matter to court and have a judge decide whether to permit the child to move. The moving parent must have good reasons for the move and the non-moving parent must have good reasons for the child to stay put.

If you want to move with your child, watch this:

If you want to work out an agreement with the ex about moving with the child, it is a good idea to listen to this video:


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