Quickie Divorce You Say?

Quickie Divorce You Say?


My office address may be in Henderson, Nevada, but it is essentially the next city over from Las Vegas, Nevada, which is a world-famous tourist destination and a place where people from all over the United States come and visit if not live. The reason I bring this up is because sometimes when I'm on forums looking for questions from other states, a lot of times I see questions regarding: Can I get divorced in my state? We've only been married a few months. Or some question of that ilk. And I know and I'm aware that laws in some states, it takes a long time to get divorced. Sometimes a year or two. In Nevada you have to establish that you've lived here for six weeks, and then you could probably divorced in as little as two months.

If you think you may have a family law problem, such as divorce or child custody, name change, adoption, modification of existing decrees or orders, child support, or any other matter, Las Vegas family lawyer Anthony M. Wright has practicing in the bustling, world famous city of Las Vegas since 2005, helping thousands of people along the way. His consultations are inexpensive and valuable, drawing on experience and knowledge of the law. The videos presented here and on the website also can give those with family law issues an opportunity to more accurately define the problem they may have and the possible solutions. The videos are mostly short and straight forward, explaining common situations that arise in Las Vegas family court. It is advised that one should always consult an attorney for their specific problem because laws change and situations are unique.

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