North Las Vegas Divorce and Child Custody

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Why do we have a page on North Las Vegas family law? It is because many prospective clients who live outside of the Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Southern Nevada, or the State or Nevada do not know that family lawyers anywhere in Nevada can represent clients anywhere in Nevada. However, lawyers who are closer to the courthouse where the family law litigation takes place will likely charge less to clients for travel. That said, if you think you need a lawyer in North Las Vegas, you can actually hire a family lawyer in Las Vegas or Henderson too. The cities are all so close together that when you drive across the valley you won’t know where one begins and the other ends.

Now, if you live and work in North Las Vegas, you may be wanting an attorney whose family law firm is near you for your own convenience. Remember, though, that your opportunity cost with hiring a convenient lawyer location-wise may mean you are paying more in legal fees for family law service than another local family lawyer would charge. Your best approach would be to call several family lawyers and see how you are treated, whether they can provide a budget for their services, and what they think of your chances of success and why.


Anthony M. Wright, Esq. has been a domestic relations attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2005. His practice primarily has focused on all incidents of Las Vegas Divorce and Las Vegas child custody including all the municipalities around Las Vegas.

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