Five Tips for Child Custody Battles

Updated: May 9, 2019

1. To help win a child custody fight, find evidence of what you do right as a parent

2. Obtain evidence of what the other parent does wrong as a parent

3. Have your witnesses give concrete eye-witness examples of good or bad parenting, not just their opinions

4. Don’t lie about anything to the court, one lie can corrupt your chances of being believed for anything else

5. Have realistic expectations or disappointment will be bitter and attorneys fees high

In more depth, I'll cover each of the five above below:

1. What do you do right as a parent? Can you say you have been there since day number one and for every important event in your child's life, like doctor's visits, parent-teacher conferences, birthdays, and other milestones? Do you cook for your child? Do activities together? Buy things like clothes and toys for your child? Go on outings? If so, do you have pictures and receipts? Videos? Other people who can talk about it?

2. What does the other parent do wrong? Does the other parents not do the things listed in 1? Does the other parents use illicit drugs? Have addictions? Waste money selfishly? Not clean house? Not bathe the child? Beat or threaten the child? Try to belittle you to the child? Talk about the custody case with the child? Spoil the child with material items to induce the child to like them better?

3. Can our witnesses speak to the things above by giving answers to the following questions: who, what, when, where, why?

4. Lying about even the most mundane things can case the court to think you are lying about the more serious matters. If you say you had the child on a day you didn't and it is proven you were not telling the truth, how can you be trusted? If you say you do not have a drug problem but then have dirty drug test results, how can you be trusted? If you lie about your income or expenses on your Financial Disclosure Form, the consequence may be the opposite of what you intended.

5. An attorney that sells you false hope is far worse than an attorney that uses experience to give you a sane expectation of how your money will be used to accomplish your goals. Pie-in-the-sky optimism is a great tactic to real in a client, but that attitude is also what causes clients to go broke long before their case is resolved. Pay a lawyer for real advice, not sales pitch.

Anthony M. Wright, Esq. is a family law litigator in Las Vegas, Nevada going back to the year 2005.


Anthony M. Wright, Esq. has been a domestic relations attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2005. His practice primarily has focused on all incidents of Las Vegas Divorce and Las Vegas child custody including all the municipalities around Las Vegas.

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