Cost of Divorce in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

People often call me and ask me how much will it cost to get divorced. Well this is sort of like calling an auto mechanic and saying my car doesn't start, my car isn't working, how much will it cost to repair? Until the mechanic can do a diagnosis and maybe even multiple diagnoses, the mechanic can't tell you how many parts are gonna be need to be replaced. The mechanic won't be able to tell you how long how much labor is going to be involved. The parts could be more or less expensive depending on the make and model of your car, the year of your car, the amount of time spent could be based on the difficulty level, the amount of time required to dig into the guts of the vehicle to repair whatever it is that's broken or replace. So oftentimes a mechanic will charge a fee for this diagnostic and then it's up to you whether you want to hire that mechanic, try to do the work yourself or go to another mechanic. Well I I'm sort of similar in that respect. I want to have a consultation with a client get to know the client a little bit, get to know their motivations, what the other side wants, what they want, see if its issues are resolved above everything is going to be contested and fought. So as far as the attorneys fees portion it's hard to say most attorneys are going to require a retainer and bill hourly. Some attorneys will do flat fee work for a very specific scope of the case. Other lawyers might do consulting work where the person is representing themselves and just comes in to a lawyer for an hourly fee to go over the paperwork to save on costs. But anyway, that's just the attorneys fees. The question is broader than that how much does it cost to get divorced right. Attorneys fees can definitely be a big deal. Attorneys are expensive, and if you hire an extremely expensive attorney, then it's on you if if you run out of money because there are other attorneys. I may charge less or might not bill you as much or what have you, right? So it's not stupid to call around and ask attorneys how much they charge, but really probably the question to ask is how much is your retainer? How much is your hourly rate? Do you have any other financial arrangements? I have them listed on my website. All my financial arrangements. A lot of firms are very upfront about the different plans they have. Some take credit card you know … take a … well I actually sign you up for a credit not through them, but through a credit company. Some will take timely payments. Some will do flat fee work. Some will bill it all … depends so outside of attorneys fees, there are lots of other costs associated with getting divorced in court. Including court filing fees, the initial filing of your documents can be several hundred dollars, and then there's various filing fees after the initial filing, including the document feed through the court, the credit card fee for filing electronically and so on. Service of process … if it's you doing the suing you're gonna have to serve the other side. You have to hire a process server to do that. That's going to cost up to a couple of hundred dollars, maybe more depending on where the person is and how difficult they are to serve. A private investigator … if you have to try to locate the person and you need an extensive background check or what have you, private investigator can cost you a few hundred dollars. Other cost counseling … if court orders counseling for one of the parties or a child of the parties, that's going to cost money. Outsource evaluators … this is where the court says: “Okay, I need more evidence.” ... Check out some of my other videos and a lot of my content in these videos is advice that I might give at consultations or what other lawyers should give, but obviously when you meet with me, I will learn the special circumstances of your case and advise you accordingly. Have a good day.

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