Child Support is calculated different ways in Nevada, five considerations

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Until the Nevada legislature changes the laws for calculating #childsupport, child support will depend on the following:

1. The type of #physicalcustody: shared, joint, primary, split, or sole

2. The other financial contributions of the paying parent for a deviation downward

3. The needs of the child for a deviation upward

4. The incomes of the parents based on average gross monthly and whether the income is reasonable

5. The number of children

Calculating ongoing support may be easy, or may be difficult depending on the above considerations for any particular family. Even more difficult for most people is calculating #childsupportarrears with the penalties and interests. If you find yourself overwhelmed, a $100 consultation with a family lawyer may be a good start. Learn the answer to your question: how do I calculate child support? Click here if you need to learn the answer to: how to change child support.

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