Breaking Lover's Phone is Like Stealing a Horse in the Old West

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

You know domestic violence is taken seriously, but did you know that breaking your lover’s phone when you catch your lover cheating with it is an act of domestic violence? That’s right! You don’t need to touch your lover at all, just breaking the phone is enough to land you in jail, curtail your second amendment rights, have a temporary protection order issued against you, and risk you losing your children. Seems drastic, doesn’t it?

Well, like horses in the old West which were the swiftest mode of transportation to emergency services, breaking phones is a serious crime. Phones are now a lifeline to summon emergency assistance, transportation, friends, family, and many other services via apps. They used to hang horse thieves.

Take note, your lover may be a cheating worthless person, but don’t break the damn phone. If you do, you lose. Just extricate yourself civilly and legally from that untrustworthy person.

Breaking stuff won’t help you. In fact, it can make that nasty person double down on the evil they did. They can use your frustration to ruin your life for years to come. Be smart. Be slow to act. Revenge is best served on a cold plate of judicial process. If you want justice, don’t take the law in your own hands.

Also, don’t yell or threaten. That deceitful lover might be using the damn phone to record you and then get you busted for crimes too, like assault, harassment, stalking, or kidnapping.

If that horrible person is to be punished for his or her actions, silently and calmly leave and consult a family lawyer.


Anthony M. Wright, Esq. has been a domestic relations attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2005. His practice primarily has focused on all incidents of Las Vegas Divorce and Las Vegas child custody including all the municipalities around Las Vegas.

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