Avoid Paying Child Support Legally In Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Today, parents, parenting, and parentage are defined in many different ways from yesteryear.

Avoid Paying Nevada child support through proper planning

If you plan to be biologically the parent of a child in Las Vegas, then, to avoid your legal child support obligation you will want to ensure two things, that you get joint physical custody of the child and that your average gross monthly income is the same as the other parent's.

If you make a little more income than the other parent, then you will want to contribute value to the child in ways the court will recognize to reduce your child support obligation. If you meet the two qualifications (joint physical custody and near equal income) the court will calculate your child support to be zero or almost zero. Your kind of Nevada child custody directly affects your child support duty.

Avoid paying child support in Las Vegas by making legal changes to support obligation as soon as possible

In Nevada, the mandatory minimum amount of child support is $100 per month. If you are under an obligation to pay child support already and you had something occur, such as a loss of income or employment, you would want to file to modify your existing obligation as quickly as possible so that your arrears will not accrue from the amount you are ordered to pay but will accrue at the $100 per month amount.

Avoid Child Support in Las Vegas by executing agreements with the other parent

It is possible to have an agreement with the other parent to not seek child support, but in Nevada that agreement can be disregarded by the court if one parent wants to modify. The court can honor an agreement as it affects past rights and duties, but not for future rights and duties. Future rights and duties will be determined by Nevada law. So, you can contract around child support, but only to an extent.

Avoid Nevada Child Support laws through Donation or Surrogacy

For example, if you were the sperm donor, you might be biologically a parent, but if you followed the proper legal procedure to avoid duties to the child through a sperm donor agreement, you will not be legally responsible for child support in Nevada. This is likewise true for ova donors.

If you give birth to a child that is biologically not yours because you are a surrogate, and you followed the Nevada surrogacy laws, you can avoid child support obligations to the child or the child's biological parents (the intended parents).


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