Advice to parents fighting over children

Oftentimes the advice good family lawyers give is not about what is legal or illegal, but what is good behavior to win a case. Oftentimes the same behavior that will win a case, will actual solve a lot of the other interpersonal communication issues with the other parent.

Here, Las Vegas child custody Lawyer Anthony Wright explains the following to a parent caught up in bickering over everything with the other parent:

Don't give up caring. Don't spoil your child. Be patient and kind. Keep the structure and discipline. You may lose some battles, but the war is over your child's future. Bickering with the other parent over inanities, mundane squabbles, and unimportant details of parenting does not make you a superior parent and does not ingratiate you to the judge. If you want respect from your child, your ex, and the judge, act reasonable, be patient, be kind, and continue to be a good parent in your home. If the other parent spoils with material crap, spoil with time and attention.

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