What does a lawyer do when disputing a matter on the phone?



Ask the person you are disputing to provide you a confirmation number and to email or fax written confirmation.  You should insist on it or ask to speak to their supervisor so that you can get proper documentation from an authority.


Some businesses are notoriously bad at record keeping and at holding on to employees. Debt collection and finance companies are terrible at conveying the truth to you and keeping their word.


Imagine speaking to your finance company and the person on the other end of the phone makes great promises to you and you then rely on those representations.  Then, later, you learn the person was fired and there is no record of those things he promised and you are stuck worse off than ever.


Do not fall victim to this.


Get everything and anything they agree on orally memorialized in writing via email or fax and make sure you write down the confirmation number or reference number or whatever you can get to later identify the conversation if you have to discuss it with someone else in that company.


To recap, step two is to get all promises emailed or faxed to you and write down a confirmation or reference number in your notes.  Don't rely on the voice at the other end of the line to be taking notes, even if you hear them typing away as you are talking.  For all you

know they are messaging a coworker making fun of you while

you think they are taking you seriously.

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