What does a lawyer do when disputing a matter on the phone?



Make a file folder to keep your paperwork safe and together.  In this file folder, store those notes you took  in step one along with all documents you received in step two, and all other documents pertaining to your dispute.


You should also back up this file by scanning it and emailing it to yourself so that if you happen to visit a lawyer and forget your paper file, you can email it to your lawyer.


Don't waste your lawyer's time, especially if you are paying the lawyer for advice.  Bring everything you have to the legal consultation, including a list of prepared questions for the lawyer.  It is wise to make a brief chronological outline of the entire dispute before seeing the lawyer too.


By doing steps one and two, you will have an easier time thinking of good questions to ask and you will also have given the lawyer a head start on who to contact for more information and potentially who to name in a lawsuit.


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