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You may find that, unlike many law firms, we are very upfront about our legal fees.  It is your life, your time, and your money.

We offer many arrangements to suit our clients' budgets and goals. We have helped the very wealthy and the very financially challenged since 2005.  Below are comparative synopses of our various plans, which clients can transfer in and out of over the course of their desire to work with this firm.  


Lawyers can be very expensive, we are no exception, but we try to help as many as we can according to their means.

Learn now what "Unbundled services," "Bundled services," and "Consulting services" options are available via this family law firm.

Unbundled Attorney
Bundled Attorney
Consulting attorney

You pay a flat fee for a specific task, such as preparing a motion and appearing at a hearing.  


The fee will be discussed at the initial consultation if you want to use this plan. The fee could range from $850 for covering a hearing (not an evidentiary hearing) to $3,500 and more. The lawyer shall immediately withdraw from the case as soon as the agreed upon task is over. The attorney shall require a flat fee based on the anticipated amount of time to complete the task.


ADVANTAGES: You may not have to come up with a large sum of money if you are hiring the attorney for a very limited purpose.  You also know exactly what the attorney is charging you for up front.


DISADVANTAGES: You may pay more per hour than you would with the other plan because the issues may be resolved quicker. Everyone in the case, including the judge and the opposing party, will know that your lawyer will withdraw from the case immediately after the tasks are performed.

You pay an upfront security retainer of $3,500.00. The security retainer remains in the lawyer's trust account until the client ceases paying the attorney's bill, and then the legal fees and costs reflected on that last invoice are pulled from the trust account to pay the firm its fees.  Thus, the security retainer secures the final payment as the attorney is withdrawing from the case.  This monetary amount reflects the average minimum of ten hours of legal work that your case will require.


ADVANTAGES: As long as you pay your bill when due, the attorney remains on the case, doing every aspect of the case and shouldering much of the responsibility.


DISADVANTAGES: You will be required to make timely payments on your attorney's bills, in full. Otherwise, you may experience unwanted delays and temporary disruption of legal services.

The initial consultation is $100. After that, to consult it will cost $200 per hour and our family lawyer will review all documents presented to him, answer all questions posed, and give unbiased legal advice which the client can use to determine whether their existing attorney is handling the matter appropriately, whether the client is handling it correctly, or whether a case should be initiated in the first place. This option is also available for those who represent themselves and use the self-help family law forms.


ADVANTAGES: Least expensive legal assistance by a licensed attorney who is highly-rated in the Las Vegas legal market. We need not remind you your legal case is very important to you.

DISADVANTAGES: The representation ends after the consultation unless the client hires the attorney in an unbundled capacity or on retainer.

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