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Just because the government accuses a person of a crime does not mean that the person is a criminal. Sometimes the prosecutors are wrong. Sometimes the prosecutors trust and then rely on false reports by police officers.  Attorney Anthony Wright became committed to defending the accused following his own encounter while in law school with Las Vegas police officers who wrote inaccurate facts in their police report--which resulted in an internal affairs investigation and interest by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Police and prosecutors can jump to conclusions and tarnish reputations with horrible and false accusations.  For instance, Anthony has worked on a case where innocent business men were accused of slavery, and the charges were so egregious that the case received world-wide media attention.  The charges were ultimately dropped by the US Attorneys office, but not until after the defendants spent many days in jail and had to suffer the stress of the United States government's false accusations.
If you have committed a crime, you may be "overcharged" meaning that you are accused of a much more serious crime than you ought to be.  For example, a shoplifting crime could be trumped up from a misdemeanor to felony burglary.  In his work with the Las Vegas public defenders office, Anthony was privileged to assist many individuals who had difficult lives that were only made more difficult by criminal charges.
The Wright Law Offices will review your charges, the evidence against you, whether the evidence was appropriately gathered and whether it is sufficient for the crime with which you are accused, and will attempt to negotiate with the prosecutor in charge to reach a settlement that you can live with. 
If a negotiation cannot be reached, then we shall prepare to go to trial so that a judge or jury will determine your guilt or innocence.

Criminal Law Continuing Legal Education

Anthony Wright has completed the following courses outside of law school to further his knowledge in the area of criminal law:

Attended "Watkins Way" on October 5, 2012 regarding Driving Under the Influence in the State of Nevada.  The half day seminar covered:

actual physical control; 
4th, 5th, and 6th amendments of the constitution; 
ex post facto; roadside exercises (field sobriety tests); 
implied consent; 
breath testing; 
retrograde extrapolation; 
double jeopardy; 
proximate cause; 
priors; appeals; and 


       Criminal Law covering:

Big Bill Haywood's Revenge: The Original Intent of theExclusionary Rule -- Milton Hirsch
Come to Fight, Fight to Win: Effective Use of the Computer Trial Notebook -- Diedreich von Lehe
Whose Courtroom is it Anyway: Keeping the Jury and the Prosecutor in their Place -- David Lewis
Recent Supreme Court Decision on Padilla v. Kentucky -- Peter Ashman




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