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Watch our short video on name changes



If you have a family member's death certificate or birth certificate that must be corrected due to a mistake, contact The Wright Law Offices, PC for assistance.



When you are attempting to sell your home, or have discovered that there is something wrong with the title to your home, we can assist you in what is called a "quiet title action."  You may have title defects, or clouds, on your chain of title which will cause a title insurance company not to extend coverage and, in turn, cause your prospective buyer to back out.  If you are planning to sell your real estate, it is important to quiet the title long before you find a buyer, otherwise you may lose your buyer.  



Frequently The Wright Law Offices assists mobile home owners or professionals to clear problems with a mobile home title.  A problem could include a lienholder is listed on the title with Nevada's Manufactured Housing Division but should have been removed a long time before.  Also, a mobile home lot may have been sold, but the mobile home itself remained in the name of a prior owner and must be updated.  Attorney Wright has years of experience with mobile home issues, including clearing title clouds and has worked with mobile home owners, escrow officers, and investors.



If you are a subsequent owner or heir of real estate of someone who has died, but the house, land, or home is still in the deceased person's name, we can help you quiet the title.  It is important that you correct this issue as soon as possible so that the court proceedings may be quicker and less expensive.  Give The Wright Law Offices a call.



To a limited extend, a decree of divorce may be modified to correct an obvious clerical error or to add an omitted community asset or debt.  Also, child custody, child support, and alimony are parts of a divorce decree that may be modified with changed circumstances.

Attorney Anthony Wright works to change divorce law to be more fair.
Anthony testifying to legislature


Child custody orders may be modified if significant evidence supports the best interests factors of the child.  The video below goes into detail on the best interests factors to help you decide whether you can modify a child custody order.


Child support orders may be modified if there has been a change in custody, a change in financial conditions of the parents, by emancipation of the minor child, or by passage of 3 years for an automatic review and a recalculation based on cost of living percentage increase set by the presumptive maximum of child support for the year.  Anytime child support is to be calculated by the court, the court will require the parties to file a "financial disclosure form" which is discussed in the video below.


Finally I found Wright Law, Anthony didn't say no, he didn't treat me like my problem was not important. He understood my problem and immediately responded to my problem. 

Changing a person's name seems like an easy task, until the DMV rejects your forms and says "come back with a court issued document." Where does one go? Many law firms didn't even know what department to refer me to or what 'kind' of lawyer could provide this service. After being bounced from department to department and being re-referred 3 other firms, and having those firms not return my phone calls, finally I found Wright Law, who answered the phone, dealt with my problem and closed my case quickly.

Stephanie, name change client

Anthony went above and beyond in helping us. He created documents where necessary and our sale was completed thanks to him. He was very patient and helpful and our sale wouldn't have happened if we hadn't found him and retained him as our lawyer. We would highly recommend him.

Alan and Gail, real estate clients

I have been a business owner for 20+ years within the realms of finance and real estate. Over the years I have necessitated legal counsel from time-to-time concerning matters ranging from basic business registration to representation. I was introduced to Anthony through a mutual associate. Anthony has proven himself adept at a variety of legal matters and conducts himself in a professional and caring way. His manner and knowledge are befitting of someone far beyond his years and those are only surpassed by his experience. While I continue to make use of his services when needed, I have also referred several associates whose experiences and opinions of Mr. Wright echo my own. I HIGHLY recommend this attorney.

Mike, real estate client


Anthony has represented individuals and corporate entities in different courts since 2006, but is highly selective of these cases, taking only one or two per year because family law is very demanding.


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